The Right Way to Write

Hi. I'm currently being distracted from writing my 4 page essay on art history right now. I finished a little less than a page then decided to over to my aunts house right next door to chat with everyone out front. I mentioned to them how I hate when I write cause the bump on my ring finger hurts where the pen lays. They then informed me that they have a bump too but it's on their middle finger. So all of us were going around and showing how we wrote, turns out about half of us write like this

my hand

and the other half write like this

my moms hand

I am so curious cause I though I wrote the same as everyone else me whole life. Now I have to know, which way is right? How do you write?


Molly said...

Ring finger

Michelle K said...

Middle finger

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

The pen rests on the top of my pinky knuckle closest to my finger nail and the tip of my ring finger. All the rest of my fingers grip and rest on the pen. Anyone who sees how I write thinks I'm crazy.

Chelsea said...

ring for me