The Bad and the Good

Don't you hate that feeling of getting sick, and you know there is nothing you can do to stop it. I know I do. I woke up this morning coughing like crazy, then I was fine the rest of the day, now all night it hurts so bad to swallow and I've been coughing a ton again. What sucks the worst is I take ample vitamin C everyday, as in like a couple chew-able tablets and airborne. So how I am I not invincible to a cold? For reals.

Know what I do like? Losing weight. Especially being able to tell I'm losing weight without the scale telling you. Does anyone have a certain body part they have that gives you then first sign of you losing weight. Mine is my collarbone. Is that weird? I'm first able to tell I'm losing weight when my collarbone starts showing through. Well that, then my face stats slimming down. I like that one, know what I don't like that starts getting smaller, my boobs, which always happens before my stomach or legs. Like what the H!? I want those to stay, not my stomach or legs. So dumb I tell ya.

Have you noticed I failed at doing that 30 day photo challenge? Cause I definitely did. Oh well, it was fun the first 2 days I suppose. I also suppose I could catch up since I'm only 2 days behind. But I really don't feel like it

Also one last thing. I changed my mind about where I want us to get stationed next.

1. Augusta, GA

And since I want that one sooooo bad I'll just leave it with my one choice. GA. Ohhh please let us go there!

Also, wowo! I just realized it's 1 am! Why Am I still awake? I have a 9:45 boot camp conditioning class at the gym tomorrow. Doesn't sound so early now, but if I stay up any later it will


Dustin said...

What about the mosquito?

MARLA said...


Christine Jain said...

Awww I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is yucky.
Also, how are you losing all this weight? Way to go!