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I've been working really hard lately, working out a ton, and eating good, trying to loose weight. I think it would be good if I started tracking my progress on here, just so I can keep track, and be accountable to everyone haha don't wanna embarrass myself. It's really hard for me to just weigh myself every week cause there is a scale right there in the bathroom. It's right there! It's like I just gotta weight! hahaha so instead of every week I'll weigh twice a week, or three time, haven't really decided yet haha.

Today marks 14 days I've been going at it, and I'm down 13 pounds.

Side note to all of this. I have been watching Storage Wars and Auction Kings like it's going out of style. Now all I wanna do is go to an auction. Actually I wanna go to Gallery 63 in Atlanta, or a storage unit auction. Especially Gallery 63.

Side note number 2. I have come up with a list of the places I would like to be stationed come this October. The list goes as such.

1. Germany(big fingers cross!)
2. Augusta(I know, I'm a fool, but I love it!)
3. Hawaii(island life, ahh)
4. Alaska(so beautiful)
5.Sierra Vista(home sweet home, well sort of, 2.5 hours away)

Hopefully finding out next month! Yay!

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janille said...

Good Luck Sasha!! I am starting a 10 week bootcamp on Saturday and will be posting my progress as well, along with some of the recipes they will be having us eat.