New Diet

I went to the Doctor today to start the First Line Therapy program.

I really think this is going to be so great. First off, my doctor is awesome! She went explained everything to me so well, and helped me understand a lot.

I think the plan she has me on is going to be so good. I can't wait to start doing it and seeing the changes.

With diets and whatever I've always let myself have like a treat here and there or a free day. But with this I'm so determined to follow it perfectly. Mostly because I have a doctor to confront every week to see if I'm following

I got hooked up to some wires that read my body which my doctor read to make a meal plan just for me.

Here's a breakdown of what my day will look like
I'm at a 1300 calorie intake
2 servings of medical foods(which is a meal replacement bar or shake)
2 servings of concentrated protiens
1 serving of legumes
0 Dairy(no dairy, not one bit, weird, but I'll get used to it)
1 serving of nuts or seeds
2 servings of fruit
3-4(at least) servings of category 1 veggies(the good kind)
1 serving of category 2 veggies(corn, carrots, yams, potatoes)
1 serving of grains(this will be tough at first, I dont eat A LOT of carbs, but still just one grain, like one piece of toast a day)
4 servings of oils(any cooking oils, dressing oils or an 1/8 of an avocado)

I'm supposed to eat every 2 hours
Drink 60-80oz of water
30-45 min exercise 3-4 times a day(do way more than that anyway)
And ready for this, ready?
NO DIET SODA. Now this will be so hard at first cause I am a diet soda addict but I'm going to not have any cause my doc sounds like she knows what she's talking about haha
I have a feeling this is going to shock my body this week haha

Wish me luck with my new eating plan!


Anonymous said...

good luck!!

Chelsea said...

you can do it! I believe in you!! you have inspired me and I am going to stop drinking soda too because you got me hooked and now we will be unhooked together, if that makes sense haha

MARLA said...


Kimberly In Seattle said...

Good luck!!!! That's exciting :-)

Thanks for the comment on my blog too! I really wonder what people expect when they ask how married life is going... Take care!!

Verity Kae said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I think it sounds flipping tough and amazing!!!! And good job on the 10 lbs in only a week! You're rocking it!