The best bad news

I've debated for a little bit about writing this, but then I was like mehh it's my blog, and I'm really happy about it, so why not share it, no?

These last lot of months maybe 8 or 9, my body has been all sorts of out of whack. I've gained a lot of weight, have had such a hard time losing it, even though I've been working so hard, unbelievably tired, demonic periods, completely energy lacking, roller coaster of emotions and moodiness, and just so so much other stuff that I won't bore you with. I went to the the doctor back in February and he thought it was probably a thyroid issue. I got my blood work back and what do ya know, It's perfect. Thyroid is good, blood sugar, cholesterol, everything good. I've never been so frustrated I knew my body was not right but the doctor said everything was good and he didn't do anything else, no more test to see if anything else was wrong or anything. I cried so much when I found out I was ok, I just wanted something to be wrong so it could be fixed.

I let it go though for a couple months thinking maybe it was all just in my head, maybe it was just stress. I thought maybe if I just change my way of thinking it would change how my body felt. But sure enough after a couple months of this nothing changed, I still felt the same and frustrated as ever.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go to a gynecologist, which I should have done a long time ago. I went to this really awesome place that does everything there for womens health. I just got my test results back Thursday and sure enough I have a pretty big hormone imbalance. Finally! I have never been so relieved to have something wrong with me! I felt like it was all in my mind and I was crazy for the longest time! Now I can get fixed!

But wait, that's not the best part. Because I have this I qualify for this program they have there. I am going to be going to the nutritionist they have there, they are gonna do a bunch of test and then make a diet plan that is custom to me. I'll go in there every week and weigh and they'll make my weekly diet and workout routine. All I have to do is follow what they make out for me. It's 12 weeks long, and the best part is it is completely covered by insurance!! I don't have to pay a penny!

I am seriously so freakin happy!! I feel silly but I've been crying so much about it! I just can't get over how perfect it is that I went to this doctor, this place is great! And that I get to be in this program, I just feel so lucky. I start this Wednesday and I just can't wait to start FINALLY getting better!!

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you got it figured out and it's covered by insurance!

Thanks for posting as well. I'm going to have my hormones checked when I go for my physical in a couple of months. I have sort of the same symptoms. I wonder if my birth control pills will have an affect on the test...