Seneca Indian Cleanse

I became a happy camper this week when I finally got the juicer I always wanted!

Yes, this very same beauty. Love it.

I went today today to the Barnes and Noble to pick up this book I've been reading it and let me tell you, I am so excited about it!! It is really a must get and follow!

In the back of the book where some of the diets are I found a Cleanse that I decided to do today. Seneca Indian Cleanse.

I am going in to my doctor to start the Fist Line Therapy Program and I decided for myself before I went in, I wanted to do this Cleanse

I started it today and its a four day cleanse.
The first day is fruits, any and all, besides bananas, and as much as you want.
The second day is herbal teas, as much as you want but no food.
The third day is any and all vegetables you want.
The fourth day is a vegetable broth that you drink all day.

I'm really excited to see how I feel when I finish this. I know it'll be a little bit of a challenge because I am a self proclaimed caffeine addict, mmmm diet soda. But so far it's ok, besides the slight caffeine headache that I'm sure will grow into a bigger one. Ohhh Whell though.

I'll definitely be blogging about how it goes. If anyone has or is going to try let me know!!


Christine Jain said...

Oooo that is awesome. I've decided I'm getting a juicer soon so please put up recipes or whatever it is you cool juicing people do so I can copy you :)

Holly said...

sasha! what up girlfriend! let me know how it is having a dietitian, that's my major! And I'm excited to see how your cleanse goes.