Put me back in place

Today I was going through blogs and I realized, I have it pretty good.
Yesterday I was having a particularly bad day. Crying a lot, and saying "why me" "why us" I kept trying to write about it and how I feel, but I kept deleting it.

I was mad that we had to spend the last year and half of our marriage not together. I get mad that I see people with not the best relationships, that get to see each other every day, and they don't even appreciate being together! While ours is great and we don't get to be together. I was mad that he was gone. I was mad that everyone lately is so happy, either getting married, engaged, having babies, just living together even! I was upset that I'm still living with my parents and sisters, I'm 21 and married, I need to be out by now! I was mad that I couldn't be with the person that makes me happiest, who I have so much fun with.

Today while reading some blogs I got a pretty good kick in the head. I realized, I have it really good. I have an amazing relationship with a man I love more than anything, and I know he loves me. We have a good marriage. Throughout our over four years of being together we have never really fought. A few arguments here and there but really, thing are SO good, and seeing others blogs and their relationship makes me grateful for the love we have for each other. I have an amazingly hard working husband, who makes me so proud. He is working so hard, doing school and work, I am so SO grateful for him! I'm able to live with my parents while Alex is away, which is saving us a lot of money. We aren't struggling with money right now. . And in todays economy, that is always a good thing to be able to say. Me living at home is also allowing me to be able to just focus on school this semester and not have a job. We have an amazing family. I love my big family and I'm so grateful for all of them, and my in-laws. I hear horror stories about in-laws, and I know I got really lucky with mine!

I know everyone is going through their own struggles
Sometimes it really just helps to sit down and remember all of your blessings. I really am so grateful for all that I have!
And while some days still might not be the best, and I may get down. I know that I have amazing days ahead to look forward to, and an incredible man to miss and anticipate seeing.