It's Friday and I'm OK

It's been a week and two day since I last saw him, and 2 days since I last talked to my Alex. The first week was soo very hard, but I can tell it's getting better and going by a little faster! I'm really happy that he is actually doing something now, instead of in reception. I can tell he was getting so anxious, and I just wanting to get started. Besides, the sooner he starts, the sooner he's done!

In the meantime, while he gone here is what I have to look forward to.

Seeing this movie with all the girls tomorrow! So excited!

Going here tomorrow night with all the adults, and my friend Blaize!

Hahaha losing weight! With Alex being gone I'm certain to lose weight because
  1. I just haven't been eating a lot
  2. It's easier to whip up some egg whites then to go grab food, like we do a lot!
  3. I have to keep busy, so I work out!
  4. I'm determined!
  5. I've already lost a few pounds

And now I shall tell you what is going to keep me going while my Alex is gone

Yes, my numerous daily trips to QT. At least 2-4 a day, Diet DP with a dash of cherry and vanilla yumm. It was so weird I was on my way home from work a couple days ago, bawling, and I stopped and got my drink, and it was so weird how it just kinda calmed me down. I know I sound like a freak but it really did!

My doggers. I stay busy with taking these guys on bi daily trips to the dog parks and on walks. I love these guys. Even though they can be punks, they're still cute.

I don't a picture of this one, I'll put some up tomorrow. But all my family and friends!!
I love you guys!

In closing of this post I would like to leave you all with this

I love old us haha

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