I miss

  • Numerous runs to QT. *Even past midnight.*
  • Trips to Walmart past midnight *looking for absolutely nothing*
  • Nightly foot rubs *no I am not over exaggerating, ~every night~*
  • laying in bed talking about our day *for the 2 weeks we were married we made sure to end our night with telling eachother about our day, usually falling asleep to that. Even if we spent all day together*
  • Being warm at night *grrr freezing cold bedroom*
  • Taking our dogs on walk and to the park *I still go everyday, It's just not as fun by my self*
  • Dates *Nothin better than dinner and a movie on weeknights*

I just having fun, and being with My Best Friend

*63 Days*

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

im commenting on your blog! haha you forgot to put you are going to miss me when i go. haha