Georgia on my mind

I'm sitting here listening to Zac Brown Band just crying.
Why am I doing this? Cause he sings about Georgia.
I miss Georgia. I miss this

It makes me sad I complained about the humidity as much as I did.
Ya some days(most) were awful(just during the summer)
But Georgia is so beautiful.
Not too mention I miss the heck out of southern hospitality.

I think I miss it most though cause that was our first married people home.
First time away from our family.
First time totally on our on.
Even though he didn't live there full time.
We made the best out of it and made a fun first home

I can't wait till I get to Korea when we can be together again!
I miss Alex so much! But missing him makes me realize
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing best friend
and incredible husband to share forever with

Ahh I loves him.
And I love this

I'm hoping a little that we get stationed back at Ft. Gordon a little after Korea.

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