Thanks Full Day 7

Ending my posts of thankfulness, I decided to save the best for last.
I'm so incredibly thankful for my sweet husband.

I know I really lucked out with him. He is such an amazing man.
Everyone who meets him instantly loves him. He is such a fun guy.
I just love being with him, and could be with him all day everyday and it would never get old, I guess thats why I married him haha. I love how easy he can turn my day around when I'm havin a downer day.

I'm so thankful for how incredible he treats me, and for everything he does for me. He's been working so hard to get me over there with him. And I know its a lot of work do to especially not having any transportation to get around base to do what he needs to do. I really can not describe how thankful I am that he will do anything for me. And I just want to be able to do everything I can for him in return.

Mostly I am so thankful I have someone as amazing, fun, caring, good-looking, and sweet as him, to spend forever with.
Cause really who wouldn't want to ;) I am really SO Lucky!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely holiday with your loved ones. Especially the service men and women, and their families who are away from their loved ones. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday!


Aimee said...

Hey, Thanks for following.. I'm following you as well now:) Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chelsea said...

Oh how cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

Michelle said...

ummmm, not to take away from the other great things that you are thankful for... but where is my thanks full day post?!? haha, aren't you thankful for ME? You should be :)