Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend was a pretty fun one. We had about 20 less people than we normally have on thanksgiving. But we still had a really good time, my cousin Chelsea and brother Dustin came down from Utah. And my sister Tanna came in from California.

On Thanksgiving morning we went to the Phoenix Auto Show. It's a tradition we do every year on Thanksgiving morning.

This is 4 of us holding our Jeep passes. Dustin started this thing and said,"don't worry, I'm with Jeep", everywhere he went. So we all started doing it. Right here were standing in front of this door saying its ok I'm with Jeep, then we didn't know but Dustin opened the door and there was someone in there haha oops

Then Friday day, all of us went to the Suns game. It was so much fun! There were about 20 of us at the game and we had a blast! And the Suns won the Clippers, Yay!

And please don't judge. I decided I would dye my hair and shower right before we had to leave to the game which gave me no time to do my hair or makeup. And its just a bad picture anyway cause I'm like half squatting/leaving forward Boo

Oh and last night my sister Tanna got engaged. Crazy!

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