Thanks Full Day 3

Today I am thankful for all of the brave men and women who have served and those that currently serve our country. They really do sacrifice so much.
I'm also especially thankful for my incredible husband who not proudly serves, but who also does so much for us.

Haha I just kinda like this picture.

Oh and fun fact about my Alex.
If you don't know you are not allowed to smile for your military I.D.
I don't know why I guess you have to look all tough
But Alex is a smiley guy
When Alex got his picture taken for his I.D. they had to take it 3 times
Cause he couldn't not smile and they kept saying you can't smile. Stop smiling.
Finally after the 3rd try they gave up and just let him smile haha
so in his Mil I.D. he has a big smile hahaha I love it!
It definitely shows who he is

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