For those of you that don't know Sashmas, it's a made up(but oh-don't worry-totally-legit-holiday) in my family.
You see, Alex and I got married in December. I had never wanted to get married in December cause I thought it was too close to. A. Christmas. B. My Birthday. And I didn't want my holidays to smoosh and get lost together. I wanted them all to be special.
Like I said we ended up getting married in December..and not only December, but December 14th..the day after my birthday.
So we all kinda made this up as a way to make them all special at the same time.
And that is how Sashmas birthed haha and yes I realized it is a little sacrilegious. And no, don't worry, I'm really not that conceded haha.

For Sashmas this year I want one thing.

I want this

With this guy
my cute hubs

In this country
apparently this is Taegu. IDK ,never been there
But doesn't that look awesome?!

Please and Thank you in advance!!
oh Please please please!!!

~What do you want for YOUR Christmas?~

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