The hubs is gone

Alex left Monday evening and had a long day of flights ahead of him. His first stop was Seattle. He way there waiting for his next flight for like 8 hours. Then at 4am Tuesday he left for Japan. Then they stopped just to refuel there, then off to Korea!
It sucks so incredibly bad not knowing when I'll see him again. Like literally not the slightest clue when it'll be. Or even when I'll be able to talk to him. Boo.

Anywhays so as of now it'll just be a waiting game..oh the ever famous waiting game. As if I haven't played it enough this year. Oh whell on the plus side I suppose I'm learning patient?
Two days ago I started hcg again. Today was the first day of the actual dieting part. Good times. I'm hoping by the time I do see Alex again I'll be looking good(or better haha)
Wish me Luck!

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Melinda said...

Hey girl, I didn't know you updated your blog. I'm sorry your hubby had to go over with out you. I hope they can get you over there sooner!!!