In the now

This last month have been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I found our about a month ago that there was no more room in Korea. So they put a hold on sending families with solders. From then we have been back and forth about what to do. Me just stay here living at home, saving money, going to school, and Alex just doing a year tour. Or waiting till who know how long join him out there. Then start our at least 2 years there, if that was still even an option. Up until 2 days ago we had decided we were going to do the first one, me staying here. But they we decided I'm going to wait to join him there. I really don't think it'll be more than 3 months for me to get there. But who knows, we'll find out more for sure when Alex gets there in 2 days. But for now that is the plan..for me to go to Korea with him.

Alex got here for leave 15 days ago. He leaves tomorrow to go to Korea. These last 2 weeks have been so good. We've had so much fun and I'm gonna miss him like crazy! I just hope and pray that I can get out there soon!

Last week we made our first big purchase as married people! We bought a Jeep! I have been wanting a Jeep so bad, cause that was my first car and I love them! We've already gone off roading with it at Four Peaks. It was a blast! I Love our new car!!

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