Road Trip?

Hi. I miss my husband. Anyone wanna road trip to GA with me? I'll pay for the gas, but we have to take your car. I'm pretty sure 6000 miles twice in 7 months is a little rough on my car. You also might want to bring someone else along to drive back with cause I'm fairly certain I'll not want to leave after we get there. So ya any takers just let me know.

I love this
It seriously sums up our relationship.
Oh I miss him

Side note. Wanna know what I did today? I stepped on the inside of my mega hot straightener that had been on for like 45 min. Left a big burn on the bottom of my foot. hurts so bad! Extremely painful to walk on. So in the mean time my foot is wrapped in an ace bandage to avoid crying every time I take a step.

Anyway. Back to my original thought. Anyone like to join me?? It would be much appreciated. Lets help a girl out yes?! :)

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ChristineMarie said...

Hi. I just re-stalked your blog and your love story is just the cutest. You already know that but I thought I'd remind you.

Also, the main picture on your blog header thing is darrrrrling. Favorite ever. The end.