While my flight here in Augusta in delayed, I figure I might as well blog about my trip.

1. First time flying American Airlines, hopefully last time flying on American Airlines.
Coming here. First checked bag 25$.. Not cool. Hour and a half delayed flight.
Got here. I payed 25$ for them to break the wheel on my suitcase and now have to drag it..awesome
Now today. Find out the flight is running late. Now I'm not able to make my connector in Dallas to Phoenix and have to now wait in Dallas a few extra hours...Even more awesome..
First Impression AA...Not so good

Now on to my trip.
I got in late Thursday night. Kristine Michelle and Jeremy picked me up. We then went to Kristine's house and me her and Michelle played Wii and watched 1408 till like 3 in the morning. Way fun.

Me and Kristine went to Teresa's for Lunch, then went to the mall and did some shopping and got some great deals!
Then me, her, and Michelle went and picked up Alex on post!
We went straight to the hotel and checked in while Michelle and Kristine went and got us some food. Then we all went to see Eclipse at the dollar theater! I love that movie I've seen it like 4 times now and can't wait till it comes out on DVD! After that we just went back to the hotel for the night.

We kinda just chilled at the hotel all day and watched the history channel all day. It was sad :( There was just 9/11 stuff on all day. It was really good but really sad. We did take a break and go see a movie. But when we got to the theater we didn't check times, and since we walked there we just had to see whatever. So we saw Resident Evil. Meh Whatever.

We got up and ready for our noon checkout. Then me, Alex, Kristine, Michelle, and her husband Eric went to chili's for lunch. After that we went to Kristine's and me and Alex played Wii for like 2 hours! hahaha that was so fun! Then we had to drop Alex off at 4 :( Then me and Kristine went to her friend Amanda's house and watched Jersey Shore, and a little bit of the VMA's then we went to Denny's that night. And got seriously the worst service every!!

Me and Kristine woke up pretty late, but we got up and got ready. Then Alex's friend dropped him off and we went and grabbed some grub at 5 guys. Yumm. After that we went to game stop to grab something for Alex. Then we had to drop him back off at the barracks. :( Sad day. But I'll see him soon! If he doesn't get orders soon he's gonna be coming home for the next 4 day in a few weeks. After we dropped him off we went back and chilled for about an hour then went to the airport and now I'm here! haha.

I had such a great weekend!! I loved every minuet of it! Except when I had to leave Alex :( Sadly the only pictures we got were today..the only day I didn't do my hurr grrrrr. Oh well my hubs looks cute haha

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Marla said...

ia am so glad you had a great time with your hubby and friends love it:)