Ode de Mirnda

This is too my lovely sister Maranda. She saw my blog and complained that there were no pictures of her so...this is to you randa.

This girl is so awesome I love her. I have never met a more talented girl who can do seriously everything! You name a sport, activity, anything she can do it!

Its really funny cause everyday I come home from either school or work i can 99.9% gaurentee that she will be in the same spot on the couch against the window and she'll yell SHEESHA!!! and i'll go MIRNDA!!! And that is everyday! I love coming home and seeing her welcoming face there!! She is an amazing girl and I love her so much! And she shares my obsession with Twilight as you see :)


Marla said...

you r too funny i love looking @ your blog it is really cute love ya tons marla

Chelsea said...

i agree, i love her too! and you too! and everyone! i need to come visit soon

Sasha said...

Yes i agree with you chels you should come vist that would be grand