Let's seee, where to start? How about with my Alex.

He is doing incredibly well at BCT.
He's beyond excelling in BRM. Basic Rifle Marksmanship
He was chosen to carry the Platoon Banner everywhere the platoon goes. Because "he's tall as shit and not retarded" hahaha straight from the drill sergeant.
He is also going to be holding it leading in to graduation. I'm so proud :)
We have been really lucky, and get about a phone call a week, anywhere from 20 min to an hour.
He graduates exactly 2 weeks from today, and since it's almost tomorrow, lets call it 13 days :)

Next up in the news. In 10 days I will be headed to Georgia...as in MOVING!
This is pretty sudden. But I've been thinking about it a lot. Me and Alex have talked about everything, and think it's going to be the best decision for us.

Me and my mom will start driving down Sunday morning, then picking up my aunt Tammy in Houston, from the airport, and staying with my cousin Tyler when we get there. Then we'll start driving from Houston to Benning Monday morning. We have to decided to cut down on a BIG cost. And STUFF my car. Yep thats right. Since we really dont have anything anyways, were gonna just bring our stuff and in clothes tv whatnot. Then go to goodwill when we get there and get a dresser, and tv stand, maybe table to fix up when we get there. Then we'll buy a good bed. Oh and I'm very excited, the apartment we're getting has free wifi throughout all the complex. Yay! Oh and yes the pups are coming...cause I dont go anywhere without them haha.

I have A LOT to do in the next 10 days. But things are coming along. I'm really excited for the move, and the many more to come. But I gotta say Imma miss my home :( I've lived in Mesa all my life, it will be very different!