All the rest

Here is a recap of my little life.

Well, In July my uncle Kyle got me a job at the K, the circle K, and to be honest, Im not hatin it.

See now I'm all bad and ready to handle the hooligans
And this is still underwraps as of now but there is a very high good chance that I may be getting a job at an office, as receptionist! Im so very excited! But shhh its still not a total go
In other news, I've been excersizing quite a bunch, mostly running, lifting weights also, but thats not the point of this. I'm seeing if anyone wants to start running with me outside now that its gonna start to get cooler, and i need a running buddy. It just works out better that way :)
I've been wanting to move out for a while sooo bad. I found the most perfect place every! Its incredible and I'm so going to move! I either wanna save for a couple months so I can be good to move out by myself, or find a roommate, I'm good with either! But if anyone knows anyone who is looking let me know!


Nancy Face said...

I LOVE going to Circle K for a munchie! :)

It's always better having a running buddy, so you can't talk yourself out of going! ;)

Lauren said...

I love that you work at Circle K! I bet you are the coolest cashier ever!