It's baaaack!

Happy October Everyone!!

(yes I understand AZ doesnt look like this quite ye...ever)
Can I just say how excited I am?! I love this time of year

Reason #1. Alex and I went to cheesecake factory last night

and since it was the 1st of Oct. They had this

Pumkin Cheesecake

To DIE for!

Reason #2.

That right! It's finally cooling down!

The mornings and evenings are just Beautiful!

Reaon #3. I love Love LOVE the smells of the season!


Now for what I'm not gonna love

1. Holiday Treats

2. The scale.

I HAVE to avoid all the food and gaining weight this year!! It gets me every time!


I am SOOO stressed about buying presents this year!

I love getting presents for people and shopping and all of it! But I really dont have the money this year, as much as I do want to get people nice things.


♥Karm said...

you need to move to eastern or northern arizona lady. fall time is spectacular here! it may not look as pretty as that picture you have posted, but the scenery is breath taking, the leaves changing color and the temps are a nice chilly 60-65 degrees =]
i love the holidays too. great post.

Nancy Face said...

Pumpkin Cheesecake, YUM! :)

I go running every morning before the sun comes up, and it's actually been COLD! So amazing! :)