On August 29th we made our trek across country.. Mine and the dogs 4th time, Alex's 2nd.. Back to Arizona. It took us 36 hours which is pretty great considering how much we stopped.

I wanna put up all the pictures of the dogs from the trip but there are sooo many haha so I won't bore you. But seriously. I love my dogs

On the way over we stopped in ABQ to visit our BFF. Mr. Walter White

I had no idea we were going here. Alex surprised me and when we pulled up I seriously flipped a discus. Biggest regret of my life is not getting out to get a picture. I was so nervous I wanted to be so discreet but Alex got out and had me take a picture of him with the house

After getting home i just had to snuggle my perfect little niece Stella Jane. Gosh I love this girl! I miss her so much!

We stayed in AZ for a day and a half then on September 1st early in the morning we left for California. To got to Alexa's moms wedding, the reason we went to AZ in the first place

This is the view from our bed the next morning. We stayed in Oceanside, CA.

A picture alex's cousin in law took of us at the rehearsal dinner that night. I love California. Very candid haha I was really surprised after seeing this cause we honestly had no idea she was even taking pictures.

On Sunday the 2nd Alex's mom, Mary and Phillip got married in laguna beach ca

Beautiful location and ceremony. Only about 10 of us were there. Then we went to dinner in laguna after the ceremony.

We went home the next morning. We spent the next 2 weeks eating out at wayyy to much at all of our favorite places we don't get in NC and swimming everyday and spending much needed time with family. It was quite the vacation.

On Friday the 14th my uncle took us flying in him little plane. I almost backed out of going cause my mom started to freak me out about flying in a little plane while pregnant. But I ended up going and was so glad i did!

The next day, the 15th, we had a baby shower for me and later that night a diaper party for Alex. We got seriously so much stuff. But, that's for another post.

We ended up leaving back home on the 19th and of course just one more picture of the dogs on the ride home.

The ride took us slightly longer than last, cause being slightly more pregnant I had to pee and stop a lot more haha. Still only took us about 37-38 hours. It was such an amazing much needed vacation but it was also so great to get home and get back to our life.

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Cole said...

It looks like a wonderful trip!! I miss ABQ - I haven't been there in years!