Big fat baby update

Ok I have so much updating to do with this baby, mostly picture wise cause I've gotten like 5 ultrasounds so far. And sorry if you're not good with ultrasounds. My whole family, like mom, and sister, dad I think can't make out any of my ultrasound haha I don't get it. I've always been good at making them out though.

This is the second one. The first was at the ER at 6 weeks so not a lot to see. Anyways. This is at 7w6d

This is at 11w2d. Baby is laying upside down and the head is on the left if you can make it out.

Also 11w2d. You can see the arm. The hand is the big white blog. And you can see little body and legs

This is 12w2d baby looks like a total alien here! Its upside down kinda and slanted.

Everything so far is going pretty good with this pregnancy. I never have really gotten too sick. Well I get sick all the time but never really have thrown up. The only downside is I have hives everywhere always. And an unknown something all over my boobs and belly that make me want to die not only of itchiness but pain. The doctor has no idea what it is. So frustrating. She chalks it up to me being a very allergic person. Allergic to what? I don't know, assume being pregnant cause thats when it all started. Doctor has me on Benadryl and Zyrtec which leaves me knocked out. So I'm either in sheering pain all day or am the living dead. Moving on haha

This is at 15w5d you can see a little bit of babys profile.

I love this one but it's hard to see. Baby had both the hands on the face

And it's a boy!!! We just found out yesterday and could not be more excited!! We were both shocked. Us and most our whole family thought it was a girl. It's took like 15 min just to see him. He was curled up in a ball for so long and even after had his hand all over his face it was so cute!! I'm glad I make him such a cozy home haha. We're so in love already and so excited!

Johan Michael is due December 29th. Hes the first boy second grandchild for my mom and dad and first grand baby for Alexs parents. Everyone is so excited! Like seriously it still feels so surreal ahhh I'm just so excited!!


Expat Girl said...

Yay for having a boy, that name is adorable!

Melissa said...

I didn't realize you were back to blogging! I've just caught up. :) Congrats on baby BOY!! We love our two. ;)

Aaand...I'm due on the 25th of November, so we're super close! And, after our two boys, we're having a GIRL! So excited!!

JG said...

Aw, yay for a baby boy! Love the name :)

Fran said...

Love the name! and yay for baby! :)