May part 1

May was a super fun month. On the 3rd my entire family came to visit! which includes my mom, dad, brother, sister in law, 2 sisters, and my brand new niece! I was so excited to finally meet her, she is so perfect!

We had such a fun weekend! Went out to eat a few times and saw the Avengers. But the reason they came down was because on May 5th Alex got baptized! And was baptized by my dad and my mom and sister Tanna both gave talks. They were both soo good. Had me crying haha

We told my family about a week and half before they actually came out. It was just gonna be my parents coming for a visit but then we told them why we wanted them to come out an they were soooo shocked. We didn't tell anyone but Alex had been taking discussions since January. Actually we told then about the baptism the same time we told them we were pregnant again so that was exciting! Luckily the whole family was able to come! We weren't expecting it so it was so fun!

Stella loved her uncle Alex. She seriously would not stop looking at him

He's gonna be such a good dad :)


Fran said...

Aw cute pictures! And your husband looks like a pro at holding babies haha

jessicaelle said...

Congrats to Alex - and yes, looks like he's gonna be a natural when it comes to being a dad :)