Today I went to a movie with my sister, Maranda.
We went to see, "The Last Song" at the dollar theater.
As I was sitting watching the part where Ronnie was playing piano immaculately .
I had a quite the eye opening experience...

I Am Mediocre.

I came to this conclusion because I used to play the piano.
But then I quit, and now I suck.
Then I was thinking about everything I have done in my life.
And it made me sadder than ever to realize everything I have ever done,
I have just been mediocre at.

There has been one thing in my life that I have ever done
that I have done well at, but of coarse I quit.

And that was swimming
I love swimming, I think it's my one passion
And it's one thing I think I excel at.

I went swimming with Maranda today at the pool
We were swimming back and and forth in the pool(not quit laps)
And I realize, hey, I'm still really good at this.

So today I am making a pact with myself.
I will swim laps at least 3x a week.
I will get even better at it
This will be MY THING

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