Just a whole lot of info, in case you we're wondering ya know

Wow, I'm a horrible blogger.
Have I blogged at all since I've been here really? Who knows, anyways I'll catch everyone up.

I got a job at the begining of May working as a camp counselor here at the YMCA. I worked there until...oh hey, a week ago today. I quit for a few reasons, the biggest one is I have a gazzillion things to do before the move. All of my Korea paperwork has to be in by the 20th. And so far I have been crazy busy since, so yep quitting was definetly my best move. The second reason was besides a psycho head boss, like I just can litterlaly not explain how crazy she was, so I just won't. The camp had 250-300 kids, and about 15 counselors per shift. And in case anyone was wondering, that DOES NOT WORK. It was insane, so unorganized, a major headache everyday. Just plain didn't work.

Back to me being busy busy. I've been gettin all my paperwork together, I've gotten 1/2 doctors appt down, The next one is wednesday. Getting my passport Thursday. And my name is officially changed everywhere, so I don't have to worry about what last name I use where haha.

For Memorial Day weekend me and Alex we're lucky enough to get to go home for the weekend. We had the funnest time! I'm so mad at myself, we were having such a good time we didn't take any pictures! Grr!!

We have a move plan finally. We're not moving with a truck. We're packing everything we can in my Acura and haulin it to Arizona...again. Except we have more stuff, and still have the 2 dogs, So we're gonna have my mom and whoever else come here and get a rental car so the dogs, and whatever else can go in the rental in there, and stuff our car with crap, We'll just be selling our couch mattress and table. Good thing we got them each for under 200.

Alex's last day of class is July 30th. Then there's like a week of out processing, and 5 days in the field. So we'll probably be back home middle of August, then Alex reports middle of September, which means I'll probably be getting there middle of October.

Last night was a baddd night. I got absolutely no sleep. My poor little puppy Bagheera is sick and was crying allllll night. I might as well have just slept outside cause he needed to go out, not even kidding, every 20 min. At about 5:25 he threw up and was done crying and needing to go outside. But unfortunately for me I needed to be up at 5:45 for an appointment. I came home with Alex at 900 and Bagheera had diarrhead all over in the kennel. Oops which reminds me I should have washed those blankets that are laying on the balcony haha. Alex was great and cleaned that all up for me while I took the dogs out. He wasn't eating or drinking today, and I was getting worried so I went and bought wet food and pedialyte and he's been doing better. The dogs have been so so lazy today, or just sick :( And have been asleep all day except the 2 times I've taken them out.

And last but not least today Alex and I have been married for 6 months. I love him so much, he is so amazing with everything he does for me. I don't expect him to be so great after all the hard work he does, but he's never seems to be tired, or shows it at least. I love how much fun we always have together. I love what a great support he is for me, anytime I get stressed out he assures me everything is going to be fine, and helps me take care of all the thing I need to. It's weird it feels like we have been married way longer than 6 months, but really time is flying and I can't wait till we can start the next stage in our life. The free life! No more training and rules! Where we can actually live together! Only 6 more weeks!! I can't wait!

Promise the next post will be fun with pictures! And is WILL happen befor Sunday!


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Uhmm hi I'm jealous of YOUR life! You're moving to freaking South Korea. Coolest thing ever. Gah. If you're ever bored, we should meet halfway between us and play. Istanbul maybe? Morocco? Ok, that's probably not halfway but either of those would be awesome.