Well I haven't blogged in a long time
But I figured this subject was very blog worthy.
We got our orders!!

This is where we will be residing for about the next 2 years!!
Yongsan/Seoul South Korea!!
AKA the New York of Asia!
I was so shocked when I first found out!
I deffinetly did not expect this,
But the more I know about it the more excited I am!
Besides I will be moving at the same time with one of my friends!
And I will know a few other friends there,
And hopefully another friend will be here,
or a couple hours away!
Yay! I'm so thrilled!
Less than 10 weeks!
Eeekkk sooo much to do!


The Dalmers said...

Hey!!! I'm so glad your blog isn't private anymore. Next time you go private, don't forget to invite us! forrestdalmer(at)gmail(dot)com. Your move is so exciting. GOOD LUCK!!!!

ChristineMarie said...

SO SO SO SO jealous.

Your life is awesome. The end.