Before I'm Out

Tonight I'm totally throwing myself a little pity party. So be prepared before reading this.

I'm really missing Alex, so you can probably guess what this is all about.
I hate that we've been married for 9 months, and have yet to live together, aside from on the weekends. Now not even that, cause he's still in Georgia and I'm here in AZ.
I hate Hate HATE! Reading people's statuses on Facebook that say they miss their husband so much cause he's been at work all day. Like really, really!? I'm sorry that must be so tough!
I just found we won't be seeing each other next week like I thought, cause flights are ridiculously out of this world expensive. Now I have NO idea when I will see him now. Which totally sucks. Like really why can't one thing go right with this all!

My face hurts so bad right now. Wednesday I went into the densist to get checked out and to make an apt to get my wisdom teeth out. I went there and got all checked out, and they say, so you wanna get them out right now? So I'm like sure, and we do it. But before we did that I had 9 cavities! I know so horrible! No cavities all my life and then this! Grrrr I was on such a roll. So I got my 9 cavities done, then right on the the wisdom teeth. Then I had to get 8 stitches, 2 on each of the teeth. So horribly painful. But I'm glad I had it all done at once so I could get it over with. Annddd on the plus, I'm hardly eating anything, so pretty sure I'm loosing weight! haha

So this post isn't all just about complaining I'll leave you with some happy pictures.
And since I took a percocet about 20 min ago I'm fighting keeping my eyes open.
I'm OUT!

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