Well, I started working again this week, for the same person I had a hard time working for the last time I was here. And after one day there, I know things are gonna be no different. Well, I didn't expect them to be but still, it was my first day, and I was already back doing the same old stupid crap.
Her 5 kids have a 3 or more extra sheets and yesterday she made me take them all down, undo then, measure them by size, to see if they were a full, queen, or twin, then fold them back up, and put them back. Like really what was the point of?! I just don't get it!! All I do there is pointless busy work!! Well and not so pointless busy work of course, like piles of laundry, dishes, cleaning. You name it I do it. Yet my job title is nanny?? That's what I'm confused about? Cause I was hired as a nanny.
But I'm staying and saving every bit I make here for fun money! I assure you though, I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice at the end of this month.
It was so awful though, yesterday I was still feeling like crap with my mouth, and now I'm getting a bad cold, yay! Anyway and all I wanted to do was go home. And today I have to go in at noon. Why? Because the kids don't get out till 3. Yep kinda nervous about what she needs me to do that'll take 3 hours at the house :/
So there's my post de complaint. I promise I won't post again till it's positive. hahaha

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