February was a pretty fun month.
On the 2nd my brother in law and sister flew down from arizona( I feel I need to say Alex's brother and my sister, my sister isnt married) and my other sister came down from Raleigh, which she usually did every weekend anyways.
They came because on Saturday the 4th alex and I ran my first half marathon, his second in Goldsboro, NC, like an hour/hour halfish from our house. I finished in 2: 28 min I think. Geez I can't even remember. Alex finished way before me but I'm was still pretty happy with my time
The rest of the month was fairly uneventful, so that half marathon was the highlight of our month.

Well actually on the 20th I got my teeth done. I have some serious issues with my mouth, almost 2 years ago I got my wisdom teeth out and when I got them done i got my nerves all messed up. The left bottom of my mouth is numb, my tongue and gums, and because of that for some reason novicane doesn't affect me at all and the shots to give me novicane cause the most intense extreme pain I've ever felt.
So remember when I said january I saw 3 different dentist. Well all of them were trying to figure out what to do with me cause I had 2 cavities that couldn't get fixed cause the novicane doesn't work. So finally in February I got scheduled to be put under, yes, under for a cavity. So stupid but it had to be done. I wasn't even under at all when I got my wisdom teeth out. So long story short, kinda, Alex taped me after he procedure and was a kind husband haha

Haha slightly embarrassing, please don't judge.  That was my first and only experience being drugged and I seriously don't remember any of that
There were a few more videos he took but I'm not gonna put them all up haha

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The Denham Duo said...

Oh my gosh. I love the videos so much!!!!! I'm glad you are blogging again! I've missed you!