I'm trying so hard to remember back this far haha it's so bad, I'm having a hard time. But, here I go with the big fun stuff I remember.

As you know in November we moved from Arizona to North Carolina.
We got here on the 5th, and pretty much spent the whole month settling in and enjoying being "really" marred haha for the first time.

December. On the 10th Alex and I did our first race together, we did a holiday 10k. And we crossed the finish line at like 68 min which was a pretty good amount of time shaved off my first 10k in October. That was all thanks to Ale, he stayed with me the whole time and pushed me through it.

Then December 13th was my birthday, I turned 22, I honestly can't even remember what we did haha. And thus why I need to keep up on blogging.
On December 14th we celebrated our 2 year anniversary and went out to a fancy, waaayyyyy too fancy place, ad I got this beautiful bracelet an earnings oh and flowers :) it was a pretty good day.

The rest of December was filled with the usual, holiday cheer and celebrating Christmas, which I am not gonna do a post about haha but it was a great holiday.

January nothing really eventful happened. Except I signed up for my first half marathon with Alex to take place just 5 week after I signed up. Ya talk about crash course in marathon training. Oh and I also had quite a dealio with my teeth that time too. Saw 3 different dentist that month, Ridiculous.

Anyway that about sums up those few months. I promise more exciting stuff happens so I'll catch you up on the good stuff later this week!

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Jessica Renee said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about forgetting things, that's the only reason I blog! lol..and geez, you're only 22? You're a baby! ;)