Augusta Riverwalk

Alright so you'll have to bear with me, these pictures are out of order,
but oh well, anyways.
Last night for Independence Day Alex and I went to Augusta Riverwalk,
it is such an awesome place!
It's in downtown Augusta and it was so pretty!
We just kinda walked around a little
bit, then found and got some waters,
then found a spot down by the river to chill before the fireworks started.
We ended up leaving before the fireworks because it was insanely busy,
like the most people I have ever seen anywhere besides Disneyland,
and we wanted to beat the traffic.
But we caught most of the fireworks while we were walking to our car,
so it was still nice. It made for a great evening just chillin with Alex by the river,
it was nice and relaxing.
After that we went to Walmart across the way,
and there we got the best view of the fireworks,
so we were kinda glad we ended up leaving early anyway :)

hahaha this just makes me laugh
Just wanted to show how close we were

ew ignore my hideous unmanicured feet, just showin how close haha
Clearly you can tell I'm lovin it

Amazing houses there

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Marla said...

looks like you 2 had so much fun on the 4th we missed ya both can't wait to see ya soon love ya