The Good, The Bad, and The Numbers

  • Strangely I haven't had my ddp in 4 days, and haven't even noticed(not sure if this is in the good or bad category)
  • Alex's whole company got phased down for the weekend cause the days didn't get haircuts, even though he's a swing grrr :( Meaning he cant leave post and can't even get out of uniform
  • I've been eating good(as in ever 4 hours high protein and so sugars sweets of saltys!)
  • I've walked/jogged over 4.5 miles twice this week, and have been to the gym and got in a hardcore workout in between then leaving me oh so incredibly sore :( But I guess it's a good sore :/
  • It might take a little bit longer to get our hard orders than we thought
  • My friend Kristine is moving to Korea at about the same time as me yay!
  • The heat is so intense I take the dogs out at about 11 every morning after I workout and I take them about for a little bit, and they get so wipped from the heat that they get knocked out cold for at least 6 hours a day which gives me plenty relax time with my pups :)
  • Alex graduates in 26 days
  • We'll be out of here in 28 days!
  • We'll be home in 30 days!! :)

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