Over it

Yesterday I took out some the boxes from the storage room on the balcony
And when I opened the sliding glass door to outside,
on my head fell a cockroach!
It was so disgusting! I didn't realize what it was at first,
But I was looking around and there was a cockroach.
I quickly grabbed the raid and killed it.

I am so sick of this place. It is so sick and bug infested.
I'm getting so anxious, I just wanna pack and get gone!
I've already packed up all the appliances in thier boxes,
and a bunch of clothes. Also I've packed up all the decorations in here,
like pictures and signs and whatever. You can tell I'm ready!

I can't wait to go home! For 2 months!
I can't wait till Alex can be home and actually sleep here!
It's been a long 7 months, and I'm just ready for it to be over already.
Alex is back to days now, for the 2 weeks of class he has left.
And it totally sucks. I miss swing
I used to be able to take him home from about 10am-1pm
Then to take him home again from 10pm-1am
Now the only time we really have is 5:30-9pm bed check. Booo
But really I'm just tired of being alone. It's getting old and depressing.
Like forr realls. I'm done


Melinda said...

I know how you feel about wanting to get out of here. I'm so sick of the bugs and heat!! I had a cockroach hit me in the head one time. Stupid bugs! I envy you that you get to leave soon. I'm stuck here for another 5/6 months :( but good luck on the packing.

Marla said...

is not going to be to much longer can't wait to see ya both love ya and i hate cockroches bad yuck yuck!!!!!