Oh ya know.

I figure I'd blog since I'm pullin an all-nighter with the hubs.
Yeup haven't done one of these since well, the night he left for Basic
Buutt we used to do them all the time, I'd say at least once a week
We decided to be some cool kids tonight and start watching
the Lord of the Rings trilogy at 8pm
We finished the second one at 230 then took a little break for extra curricular activities,
Now Alex is playing video games for a little bit while I compute
And then we'll start the third.
Then in the morning, aka after the third movie,
I think we're gonna get up and go for a little run
Staying up is fun!

Anywhoo I stared dieting and exercising this week so ya hurd.
And I would say I'm doing fairly well!
I decided I'm not gonna weigh, more go off what my clothes feel like
cause basically I don't like scales.
I have been so good all week though, I haven't had any crap
And have worked out. Everyday but today.
I decided today would be my free day, and I get one a week.
Keeps me on track better.

Oh and did I mention, 26 days till moving day!!

P.S. I love us :)


Marla said...

Hey I love your post and the picture is way cute . It sounds like you have had a great night/day with your hubs I love you both:)

Joseph and Kimberly said...

and by extra curricular activities you mean.... LOL