Lake with the Pups & looking forward to's

The other day I decided to take the dogs to the lake. It was such a beautiful day, just perfect. There was music playing sorta close by so I just kinda sat down and chilled for a while, it was so nice and peaceful. I wish everyday was that nice, but unfortunately most days are unbearably hot.

The dogs are being so good latley
I love them

Isn't it just so lovely

Now for the looking forward to
Alex has a graduation date, Aug 4th. That means we will be out of here and on our way back to Mesa Aug 6th! My mom and aunt Tamralyn will be flying down here on the 5th. And getting a rental car so they can help us move back. We'll need another car cause we have a few more item and the dogs wound't be able to fit on the drive back.
I'm so glad we have a date cause now I'm starting to plan the whole trip back and getting so much more excited for it!
Alex's report date is for the 2nd week of September(don't really wanna put the date on the internet) So I decided I'll probably stay in Mesa till end of October or Mid November or so, I wanna stay a little longer then I could so we can save some money to buy nice new furniture, and a washer and dryer and all. I wanna get a nice big sectional for our new place.
Also spend more time with my family before I leave. Gonna miss them :( But I am super excited to go to Korea. I've heard soooo much about it and it sounds awesome!


ChristineMarie said...

GAH it does sound awesome.

I really hope I can figure out a way to visit. Because it would be so much fun! Girl, you'll be RIGHT by all these cool Asian countries. . . . you can travel and see SO many awesome things.

Marla said...

i am so excited for your new adventure you 2 will have so much fun. it looks like you had tons of fun with your dogs at the lake:)