Well, I started working again this week, for the same person I had a hard time working for the last time I was here. And after one day there, I know things are gonna be no different. Well, I didn't expect them to be but still, it was my first day, and I was already back doing the same old stupid crap.
Her 5 kids have a 3 or more extra sheets and yesterday she made me take them all down, undo then, measure them by size, to see if they were a full, queen, or twin, then fold them back up, and put them back. Like really what was the point of?! I just don't get it!! All I do there is pointless busy work!! Well and not so pointless busy work of course, like piles of laundry, dishes, cleaning. You name it I do it. Yet my job title is nanny?? That's what I'm confused about? Cause I was hired as a nanny.
But I'm staying and saving every bit I make here for fun money! I assure you though, I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice at the end of this month.
It was so awful though, yesterday I was still feeling like crap with my mouth, and now I'm getting a bad cold, yay! Anyway and all I wanted to do was go home. And today I have to go in at noon. Why? Because the kids don't get out till 3. Yep kinda nervous about what she needs me to do that'll take 3 hours at the house :/
So there's my post de complaint. I promise I won't post again till it's positive. hahaha


Before I'm Out

Tonight I'm totally throwing myself a little pity party. So be prepared before reading this.

I'm really missing Alex, so you can probably guess what this is all about.
I hate that we've been married for 9 months, and have yet to live together, aside from on the weekends. Now not even that, cause he's still in Georgia and I'm here in AZ.
I hate Hate HATE! Reading people's statuses on Facebook that say they miss their husband so much cause he's been at work all day. Like really, really!? I'm sorry that must be so tough!
I just found we won't be seeing each other next week like I thought, cause flights are ridiculously out of this world expensive. Now I have NO idea when I will see him now. Which totally sucks. Like really why can't one thing go right with this all!

My face hurts so bad right now. Wednesday I went into the densist to get checked out and to make an apt to get my wisdom teeth out. I went there and got all checked out, and they say, so you wanna get them out right now? So I'm like sure, and we do it. But before we did that I had 9 cavities! I know so horrible! No cavities all my life and then this! Grrrr I was on such a roll. So I got my 9 cavities done, then right on the the wisdom teeth. Then I had to get 8 stitches, 2 on each of the teeth. So horribly painful. But I'm glad I had it all done at once so I could get it over with. Annddd on the plus, I'm hardly eating anything, so pretty sure I'm loosing weight! haha

So this post isn't all just about complaining I'll leave you with some happy pictures.
And since I took a percocet about 20 min ago I'm fighting keeping my eyes open.
I'm OUT!


Absolutely Perfect

Last week had our Ring Ceremony and Reception finally. Everything was so perfect!! I am so greatful to everyone who put it together and helped out! Especially my bff Michelle, Mom, Mom #2, and aunt Tamralyn! They all did so much to make this happen!

I got into town 4 days before the wedding, and Alex flew in from GA 5 hours before! The Ceremony was so nice, and the Reception was so much fun!! We got to visit with a lot of people, and literally danced the night away. I mean LITERALLY! Hahaha the night ended and I was completely drenched in sweat and my hair was all messy. Oh so fun!!

Since there were so many pictures, and it takes forever to upload them on here I'll just link to the albums I have up on facebook. Enjoy!


Last Days

Our last weekend together in Augusta. What a great day to take a walk on the lake. It was so nice, the dogs had a great time by the water. And we had a great time together.
Good way to end our time here.
I'm not gonna lie, I will miss it. This was where our first place was.
This was the first time we had to get along without our family and friends around.
Where we spent our time with OUR Family, us and our pups.
And where we grew together.

I am so in love with being married to my best friend
I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my life :)


Always a somethin

Wouldn't ya know it, plans are a changin again, always, I think we have a new plan everyday cause of everything going wrong.
Right now we have a plan, not my favorite, but it stickin!
The plan started out good. Last Friday we got Alex's orders, and were all set to leave the 11th.
Then Monday, Alex started outprocessing, and while outprocessing found out that I wasn't on his orders, so he told someone, and then they had to wait till command sponsorship came in. But at this point, they would have been able to get in by next Monday, and Alex was able to leave with me, but most likely on the 13th.
Then today we found out that Alex could have left his orders the way there were and added me on his orders when he got to Korea, but he changed them cause he was told to, and now it is going to take way longer than we thought to get new orders.
Now here's the plan. I am going to be leaving by myself on the 12th. Then I will be drive 10 hours to Memphis, then Stay the night there. Then Friday morning Dustin is gonna be flying into Memphis that morning and helping me drive home! We'll drive the 24 hours back to a MESA!! Then we'll probably get in Saturday evening. Then early Sunday morning he is flying back to Salt Lake. I am so grateful he's taking his 2 days off to help me drive out! It's gonna be fun fun! And no stops! Straight through!

Tomorrow is Alex's graduation! And I am so excited he is done! Now only a couple more weeks, I'd say at the most, until he is really done done! This week has been a lot of fun. He's been coming home durning the day, like alll day. (which he isn't supposed to do) And we've been able to have fun all day.
Today was the best! This morning was raining like more then I have seriously ever seen! We wanted to go get some food, so he was driving, and we ended up deciding on Duncan donuts so we were about to go but Alex didn't wanna go through the drive through cause he didn't wanna get soaked haha so we I told him I'll do it, we switched spots. I got out for like 5 sec to switch and got drenched! Then I went through the drive through and it was the funniest thing! I wish we got a picture but the rain was just coming in like crazy while I was ordering pouring in the car! We were cracking up the whole time as my whole self was getting soaked!! haha then we got home and we're driving through the parking lot and the whole thing was a river!! It was so fun to drive through! Cars were parked that had water up to the top of the tires!! Crazy crazy! It was so fun though! then we cuddled and listened to the sound of pouring rain <3>