Yesterday was such a fun day. Its times like this I would kill for my camera to be here haha. I went out in the afternoon with Alex and started doing some stuff that I needed for being here, like getting in the system and getting my visa taken care of. Then later I went to the realtors office with Amanda. We just saw one place for now, it was a really nice one, and really close to post to, but I'm gonna go look some more today too.
Later that night Alex took me downtown for my birthday. We got in a cab and told him we wanna go downtown and and after a long attempt to communicate we just had to get out cause he couldn't understand what we were saying haha.
So we got out and called a cab, and that one knew where we wanted to go. We walked around for a little bit trying to find somewhere to eat cause the place that Alex wanted to take me, the place he had been just a week before, was literally a hole in the wall haha. It was totally gone, so weird haha. Then we went to another place he had been, and that was soooo good! Like seriously some of the best food I have ever had. And the resturant was really nice, they had a table in the middle and a love seat on each side instead of a booth or chairs, it was pretty cool. So far of the 2 Korean places I've eaten at, I love Korean food.
Then after eating we went and walked around some more, and I went into this little hat, scarves, and gloves shop and got a cute hat and gloves. It so cool everything is so cheap here, it was only 19,000 won.
I loved downtown though, it was so much fun it was a bright and hoping and tons of shoping! Ha I just rhymed. So far I love Korea! It is so fun here, and such a cool experiece. I definetly had a great birthday yesterday. I can't wait to see where Alex takes me tonight for our Anniversary! One Year today baby!!

Oh and edit* I just noticed this is publishing on the 13th. So for all you Americans out there today is my birthday and tomorrow is my anniversary haha


ChristineMarie said...

Gahhh. I still remember your "Oh, hey world, yeah I'm married now" post. Coolest thing ever.

Also, ok yes I am totally visiting you. I just need to find semi decent airfare.

So glad your Sashmas wish came true!!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Hope it's a good one(: