First Cake

In 13 days will be mine and Alex's year anniversary. If you didnt know we got married on my parents front lawn, after deciding 16 hours earlier we were getting married. Dress code was our jean and ts. It was good times that day. Except not, cause right after we got married, like 5 min after, I went to work. I acted like nothing had happened cause my boss was super mean, and she scared me. It was like REALLY hard containing my excitement. Especially after I got a text saying, "How's your day wife :)" I was like whoa!!! I'm married!! It felt so crazy! After work we went to a hotel for the next two days, minus the 4 hours shifts I worked every day haha.
A few days after we came back from the hotel we decided to finally cut our wedding cake. The only person there though was my sister Maranda and my iPhone. I don't think anyone has ever seen the pictures of us cutting our first cake, so here it is!


Melinda said...

Cute!!! You guys are so cute together!

Marla said...

love it that is awsome that you guys did that way cute love ya both so much and wll miss you tons love ya:)