Gearin up: 76 hours

Today was a good day. It started out I went to the movies with my mom and my bff. We saw Burlesque, it was such a good movie!! I really liked it. Especially cause my favorite cute actor, Cam Gigandet, is in it.
After the movie my mom went to go pick my dad up from the airport and there was my sister with him. She came just to see me before I left. How nice of her. Then my family (minus Dustin :( sad) went to lunch at Oregano's with our Gpa. I'm gonna miss that crazy old man.

That's him by the way, isn't he cute! In case you don't know, he has Alzheimer's, and he's pretty hilarious. In a sad way, but still haha.

Then later tonight I went out to dinner with my mother-in-law Mary. We had a very fun time chatting it up. It's always fun to go out with her and catch up.

Then I ended the night by watching Fast and the Furious 4 I believe. I've never seen any of the other ones. Well 3 but that doesn't count. And it was really good! Especially on our awesome new T.V.

Tomorrow I'm having a little going away party at my house.

Then Monday and Tuesday are the last days I have to finish up my errands. And they're really only errands-to-do-cause-i'm-leaving-the-U.S-in-3-days type errands. Like Monday I'm going to get a massage with the gift card I got last year from my brother and still haven't used! I'll be going with my bff who I'm going to miss like crazy cause we're together like all the freakin time! Like for real. For really real.. sad :(
That's kinda old(like April)but still cute!

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I'm leaving in under 76 hours for like, a really long time!!
I'm gonna miss everyone so much!! But I'm really, like really really excited!!!


ChristineMarie said...
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ChristineMarie said...

Ummm. . . . . can I still come visit you? You know, after you're settled in and all?
You're going to have so bloody much fun, I'm jealous. Good luck!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Its such a wild and crazy adventure! You are going to have so much fun!