So here I be

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time in FOREVER
and it alll comes back to me.
Little do some of you know, that I used to be Obsessed with this movie.
I saw it 12 times in theaters.
Back in the good ole days when movies weren't $10.
And I literally knew the whole movie by heart.
Ask Marla and Paula,
I remember one time I was at thier house,
& I told them I could reciet the whole movie.
And they didn't believe me, so I did.
I got about 30-45 min through saying it and then they got sick of me and said they believed me hahaha

And this is what sparked my obsession with Orlando Bloom.
In 6th 7th grade is my whole room was him.
Pillow case, clock. Posters.
My walls had a boarder of pictures of him all around the room, and then some
And not to mention the life size cutout my awesome uncle surprised me with of Legolas!
That was seriously my most favorite thing ever!
It really tied the whole room together.

And the point of this is, I'm watching this now,
after who knows how long. And STILL know every line!
I would say pathetic, but I just have an awesome memory! hahaha

Oh and aside from all this, new leave date booo!
Alex doesn't think we'll be able to out process very soon after graduation
so looks like I'LL be leaving the 16th.
Yep I'll ask in single.
I'm gonna be driving 35 hours by my lonesome!
And am actually really excited! hahaha
Ohhh well what's 10 more days. Mehh


Over it

Yesterday I took out some the boxes from the storage room on the balcony
And when I opened the sliding glass door to outside,
on my head fell a cockroach!
It was so disgusting! I didn't realize what it was at first,
But I was looking around and there was a cockroach.
I quickly grabbed the raid and killed it.

I am so sick of this place. It is so sick and bug infested.
I'm getting so anxious, I just wanna pack and get gone!
I've already packed up all the appliances in thier boxes,
and a bunch of clothes. Also I've packed up all the decorations in here,
like pictures and signs and whatever. You can tell I'm ready!

I can't wait to go home! For 2 months!
I can't wait till Alex can be home and actually sleep here!
It's been a long 7 months, and I'm just ready for it to be over already.
Alex is back to days now, for the 2 weeks of class he has left.
And it totally sucks. I miss swing
I used to be able to take him home from about 10am-1pm
Then to take him home again from 10pm-1am
Now the only time we really have is 5:30-9pm bed check. Booo
But really I'm just tired of being alone. It's getting old and depressing.
Like forr realls. I'm done


Oh ya know.

I figure I'd blog since I'm pullin an all-nighter with the hubs.
Yeup haven't done one of these since well, the night he left for Basic
Buutt we used to do them all the time, I'd say at least once a week
We decided to be some cool kids tonight and start watching
the Lord of the Rings trilogy at 8pm
We finished the second one at 230 then took a little break for extra curricular activities,
Now Alex is playing video games for a little bit while I compute
And then we'll start the third.
Then in the morning, aka after the third movie,
I think we're gonna get up and go for a little run
Staying up is fun!

Anywhoo I stared dieting and exercising this week so ya hurd.
And I would say I'm doing fairly well!
I decided I'm not gonna weigh, more go off what my clothes feel like
cause basically I don't like scales.
I have been so good all week though, I haven't had any crap
And have worked out. Everyday but today.
I decided today would be my free day, and I get one a week.
Keeps me on track better.

Oh and did I mention, 26 days till moving day!!

P.S. I love us :)


The Good, The Bad, and The Numbers

  • Strangely I haven't had my ddp in 4 days, and haven't even noticed(not sure if this is in the good or bad category)
  • Alex's whole company got phased down for the weekend cause the days didn't get haircuts, even though he's a swing grrr :( Meaning he cant leave post and can't even get out of uniform
  • I've been eating good(as in ever 4 hours high protein and so sugars sweets of saltys!)
  • I've walked/jogged over 4.5 miles twice this week, and have been to the gym and got in a hardcore workout in between then leaving me oh so incredibly sore :( But I guess it's a good sore :/
  • It might take a little bit longer to get our hard orders than we thought
  • My friend Kristine is moving to Korea at about the same time as me yay!
  • The heat is so intense I take the dogs out at about 11 every morning after I workout and I take them about for a little bit, and they get so wipped from the heat that they get knocked out cold for at least 6 hours a day which gives me plenty relax time with my pups :)
  • Alex graduates in 26 days
  • We'll be out of here in 28 days!
  • We'll be home in 30 days!! :)


Gettin Started

Today I started my diet/exercise sorta program. I'm starting to eat better, and exercising everyday. Today me and the girls started out and went to Greeneway this morning and went 4.5 miles. I'm also gonna start doing my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred again at night. Right now I'm going to be going to Greeneway every other day, and with Alex to the gym every other day. Yesterday I started eating good, and today went good too.
Let me tell ya, my body is already hurting so bad, like my whole body haha. I realized how out of shape I was today for sure. I can't wait to get back into shape and start feeling better!

P.S. Have I mentioned how SORE I Am?!


Augusta Riverwalk

Alright so you'll have to bear with me, these pictures are out of order,
but oh well, anyways.
Last night for Independence Day Alex and I went to Augusta Riverwalk,
it is such an awesome place!
It's in downtown Augusta and it was so pretty!
We just kinda walked around a little
bit, then found and got some waters,
then found a spot down by the river to chill before the fireworks started.
We ended up leaving before the fireworks because it was insanely busy,
like the most people I have ever seen anywhere besides Disneyland,
and we wanted to beat the traffic.
But we caught most of the fireworks while we were walking to our car,
so it was still nice. It made for a great evening just chillin with Alex by the river,
it was nice and relaxing.
After that we went to Walmart across the way,
and there we got the best view of the fireworks,
so we were kinda glad we ended up leaving early anyway :)

hahaha this just makes me laugh
Just wanted to show how close we were

ew ignore my hideous unmanicured feet, just showin how close haha
Clearly you can tell I'm lovin it

Amazing houses there


Lake with the Pups & looking forward to's

The other day I decided to take the dogs to the lake. It was such a beautiful day, just perfect. There was music playing sorta close by so I just kinda sat down and chilled for a while, it was so nice and peaceful. I wish everyday was that nice, but unfortunately most days are unbearably hot.

The dogs are being so good latley
I love them

Isn't it just so lovely

Now for the looking forward to
Alex has a graduation date, Aug 4th. That means we will be out of here and on our way back to Mesa Aug 6th! My mom and aunt Tamralyn will be flying down here on the 5th. And getting a rental car so they can help us move back. We'll need another car cause we have a few more item and the dogs wound't be able to fit on the drive back.
I'm so glad we have a date cause now I'm starting to plan the whole trip back and getting so much more excited for it!
Alex's report date is for the 2nd week of September(don't really wanna put the date on the internet) So I decided I'll probably stay in Mesa till end of October or Mid November or so, I wanna stay a little longer then I could so we can save some money to buy nice new furniture, and a washer and dryer and all. I wanna get a nice big sectional for our new place.
Also spend more time with my family before I leave. Gonna miss them :( But I am super excited to go to Korea. I've heard soooo much about it and it sounds awesome!


Maranda Week

Last week my little sister Maranda was able to take a few days off work and came and stayed here for 5 days! We had such a good time! Layed out by the pool, saw a few movies went out to eat, and on Saturday for Alex's birthday we went to Hilton Head Island! I'm so glad she was able to come out and be our first and probably last/only visitor haha.

Me and my special sister out by the pool
haha it was super sunny

Red Robin
Mrnda stole a balloon
To get helium of coarse

I love my seester

It was so difficult to get a good picture
and wan't accomplished

Poor Alex got fried :(