New Diet

I went to the Doctor today to start the First Line Therapy program.

I really think this is going to be so great. First off, my doctor is awesome! She went explained everything to me so well, and helped me understand a lot.

I think the plan she has me on is going to be so good. I can't wait to start doing it and seeing the changes.

With diets and whatever I've always let myself have like a treat here and there or a free day. But with this I'm so determined to follow it perfectly. Mostly because I have a doctor to confront every week to see if I'm following

I got hooked up to some wires that read my body which my doctor read to make a meal plan just for me.

Here's a breakdown of what my day will look like
I'm at a 1300 calorie intake
2 servings of medical foods(which is a meal replacement bar or shake)
2 servings of concentrated protiens
1 serving of legumes
0 Dairy(no dairy, not one bit, weird, but I'll get used to it)
1 serving of nuts or seeds
2 servings of fruit
3-4(at least) servings of category 1 veggies(the good kind)
1 serving of category 2 veggies(corn, carrots, yams, potatoes)
1 serving of grains(this will be tough at first, I dont eat A LOT of carbs, but still just one grain, like one piece of toast a day)
4 servings of oils(any cooking oils, dressing oils or an 1/8 of an avocado)

I'm supposed to eat every 2 hours
Drink 60-80oz of water
30-45 min exercise 3-4 times a day(do way more than that anyway)
And ready for this, ready?
NO DIET SODA. Now this will be so hard at first cause I am a diet soda addict but I'm going to not have any cause my doc sounds like she knows what she's talking about haha
I have a feeling this is going to shock my body this week haha

Wish me luck with my new eating plan!


Seneca Indian Cleanse

I became a happy camper this week when I finally got the juicer I always wanted!

Yes, this very same beauty. Love it.

I went today today to the Barnes and Noble to pick up this book I've been reading it and let me tell you, I am so excited about it!! It is really a must get and follow!

In the back of the book where some of the diets are I found a Cleanse that I decided to do today. Seneca Indian Cleanse.

I am going in to my doctor to start the Fist Line Therapy Program and I decided for myself before I went in, I wanted to do this Cleanse

I started it today and its a four day cleanse.
The first day is fruits, any and all, besides bananas, and as much as you want.
The second day is herbal teas, as much as you want but no food.
The third day is any and all vegetables you want.
The fourth day is a vegetable broth that you drink all day.

I'm really excited to see how I feel when I finish this. I know it'll be a little bit of a challenge because I am a self proclaimed caffeine addict, mmmm diet soda. But so far it's ok, besides the slight caffeine headache that I'm sure will grow into a bigger one. Ohhh Whell though.

I'll definitely be blogging about how it goes. If anyone has or is going to try let me know!!


Just a Refresher

Thinking about tomorrow, or today for some of you. I just thought I would give you a refresher course in Zombieland Rules for Survival.

Looks fun, no?
Good luck everyone!

P.S. Anyone else LOVE this movie

The best bad news

I've debated for a little bit about writing this, but then I was like mehh it's my blog, and I'm really happy about it, so why not share it, no?

These last lot of months maybe 8 or 9, my body has been all sorts of out of whack. I've gained a lot of weight, have had such a hard time losing it, even though I've been working so hard, unbelievably tired, demonic periods, completely energy lacking, roller coaster of emotions and moodiness, and just so so much other stuff that I won't bore you with. I went to the the doctor back in February and he thought it was probably a thyroid issue. I got my blood work back and what do ya know, It's perfect. Thyroid is good, blood sugar, cholesterol, everything good. I've never been so frustrated I knew my body was not right but the doctor said everything was good and he didn't do anything else, no more test to see if anything else was wrong or anything. I cried so much when I found out I was ok, I just wanted something to be wrong so it could be fixed.

I let it go though for a couple months thinking maybe it was all just in my head, maybe it was just stress. I thought maybe if I just change my way of thinking it would change how my body felt. But sure enough after a couple months of this nothing changed, I still felt the same and frustrated as ever.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go to a gynecologist, which I should have done a long time ago. I went to this really awesome place that does everything there for womens health. I just got my test results back Thursday and sure enough I have a pretty big hormone imbalance. Finally! I have never been so relieved to have something wrong with me! I felt like it was all in my mind and I was crazy for the longest time! Now I can get fixed!

But wait, that's not the best part. Because I have this I qualify for this program they have there. I am going to be going to the nutritionist they have there, they are gonna do a bunch of test and then make a diet plan that is custom to me. I'll go in there every week and weigh and they'll make my weekly diet and workout routine. All I have to do is follow what they make out for me. It's 12 weeks long, and the best part is it is completely covered by insurance!! I don't have to pay a penny!

I am seriously so freakin happy!! I feel silly but I've been crying so much about it! I just can't get over how perfect it is that I went to this doctor, this place is great! And that I get to be in this program, I just feel so lucky. I start this Wednesday and I just can't wait to start FINALLY getting better!!


semi wordless wednesday


me and my cousin and dogs hiking today


my brother, mother, and father in law right after Zach swore into the Navy!!


Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

First off, Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!! Thanks to all spouses for all they do in supporting their family!

Today was actually a really good day. Did I mention my cousin Chelsea came back into town Sunday? No, well she did!! And she's staying till next Friday when we drive up to Utah for our cousin's wedding! Yay! I love hanging out with her! We went to Bahama Bucks this after noon and got some of this deliciousness.

Not my picture by the way, all hers.

Then we played/layed out by the pool, while we learned my dog has a super talent.

Oh ya know, he surfs, whatever no big deal.

Then we went to the mall to get my ghost armor replaced and do some shopping. I got the new white back to my i4, so much better than the grey I had.

I got home and then got a skype call for the hubs!

Although I really didn't wanna be seen today by him cause I had pool/pony tail hair I'm glad I got to see him. Cause seriously doesn't he look good. I know right..all mines :)


We spent a good part of the conversation laughing over all the pictures I was sending him.


This first one is me as a flower, then next freaks alex out. I do look fairly creepy. And the last me me getting saucy with myself hahaha I love camwow!

And to end the night a we alls went to go see Something Borrowed. I thought it was just alright. The movie was really funny, but just too much going on. In chick flicks I wanna go away and feel good inside..but this didn't make my insides feel good.

All in all, a fantasic day!! And another great one is coming up tomorrow, having my brother-in-law's birthday BBQ over here. Party!

And again, Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all you lovely ladies!! Thank you for you and your husband's service!!


Put me back in place

Today I was going through blogs and I realized, I have it pretty good.
Yesterday I was having a particularly bad day. Crying a lot, and saying "why me" "why us" I kept trying to write about it and how I feel, but I kept deleting it.

I was mad that we had to spend the last year and half of our marriage not together. I get mad that I see people with not the best relationships, that get to see each other every day, and they don't even appreciate being together! While ours is great and we don't get to be together. I was mad that he was gone. I was mad that everyone lately is so happy, either getting married, engaged, having babies, just living together even! I was upset that I'm still living with my parents and sisters, I'm 21 and married, I need to be out by now! I was mad that I couldn't be with the person that makes me happiest, who I have so much fun with.

Today while reading some blogs I got a pretty good kick in the head. I realized, I have it really good. I have an amazing relationship with a man I love more than anything, and I know he loves me. We have a good marriage. Throughout our over four years of being together we have never really fought. A few arguments here and there but really, thing are SO good, and seeing others blogs and their relationship makes me grateful for the love we have for each other. I have an amazingly hard working husband, who makes me so proud. He is working so hard, doing school and work, I am so SO grateful for him! I'm able to live with my parents while Alex is away, which is saving us a lot of money. We aren't struggling with money right now. . And in todays economy, that is always a good thing to be able to say. Me living at home is also allowing me to be able to just focus on school this semester and not have a job. We have an amazing family. I love my big family and I'm so grateful for all of them, and my in-laws. I hear horror stories about in-laws, and I know I got really lucky with mine!

I know everyone is going through their own struggles
Sometimes it really just helps to sit down and remember all of your blessings. I really am so grateful for all that I have!
And while some days still might not be the best, and I may get down. I know that I have amazing days ahead to look forward to, and an incredible man to miss and anticipate seeing.