nothing at all

I feel like blogging right now. Don't really have a lot to blog about, just feel like writing.

I'm on vacation right now watching Bachelorette with my mom and aunt. This beotch is so dumb. for reals. I like what Joel McHale of The Soup said of this, here I'll get the quote..I can't do it justice. "Thanks to Bachelorett Ashley's personality, The Bachelorette no longer has one winner, it has 24: every guy who manages to escape"

I'm feeling totally defeated today. I'm really pretty good at dieting, I don't usually have crazy cravings and can eat what I eat while everyone else eats "good" stuff haha. But today I was totally needing stuff. Like I was doing fine all day until about 6:00 dinner came around and my dad was making pasta and I wanted it so bad. I didn't have a lot but still some. Then after dinner I had some m&ms. And now I'm totally hating myself.

In Sedona every year my whole fam gets around and plays poker. I have never played, I thought I couldn't or didn't know how..not too sure why I din't but this year I decided to play. There are some pretty good players in our family. And guess who took the cake?! >>This girl!!<<
Yep I killed it!! Everyone was quite surprised, me too! haha
(ps thats me after a day of swimming and JUST getting done working out, please ignore the sick)

I swore up and down I wouldn't get on another website with a profile. aka pinterest. but I tried it out this last weekend and let me tell you, I AM HOOKED!!
Tell me if you have a pinterest so I can follow you!

I have naturally really dark(basically black) hair, and I think I wanna go light. Not blonde by any means, just light brown. But I realize to do this I probably have to pay someone to do it, instead of have my mom do it like she always does. what to do, what to do??
I love this

Today marks exactly 3 months! I'm leaving like the 3rd week or August to go house hunting and will probably move in either end of September or 1st of October. Hello Excited!! Can't wait to get there, get settled and get.a.job!!
Advice needed: Here is the plan. I'm going a few weeks ahead with the jeep, some of my crap, and the dogs to get settled a little before he gets back. Then when he gets back he'll fly into Phoenix, I'll meet him there, and we'll load our crap in a uhaul. Then drive to NC. But the more I think about it the less I want to drive cross country twice in 3 weeks. So here's the question. Is it worth it to do your own move, money wise. Or would it be like the same if you got movers?

That's about all the random thoughts I have on my brain right now


Erinn said...

i have pintrest!
my user name is ecattheak or you can search Erinn crosby dirth.
It is sooooo addicting. And it is ok to cheat every now and then on a diet. It keeps the metabolism guessing and work well :D

Dana said...

Congrats on your move!
The hubby and I were at Fort Bragg, and we loved it. :) I'm so jealous!!! We moved all of our stuff, and got reimbursed about 3000 dollars from the army. Thats a good ol' fashoned U-haul and car hauler. Granted, it was a miserable 3 day drive from NC to TX, but it was worth it. Besides, I had the chance to ask my hubby all the questions I could possibly think of!
Do you guys have PCS orders to Bragg? If so, you can either move yourself, and get reimbursed, or you can let the army move you, and they should buy your plane tickets. Personally though, I think you would benefit more, by moving yourself. :) That way you have your stuff as soon as you get there. If the army moves you, you'll be without your stuff, until the army movers make it there. :(

Fran said...

Oooh Pinterest, I swore I wasn't going to get one but I caved in last month, I'll go follow :)

As for the move, we had the movers come out for our stuff because A) we have really big, chunky, hard-to-lift stuff and B) we were not about to drive with all our stuff and two dogs from Michigan to Washington. It was bad enough driving with just the dogs. Plus, the Army still reimbursed us for the gas to drive there and the couple hotels stays even though we didn't take our stuff with us. And of course they payed for the movers which was something like 7 grands.