I'm really getting there

My senior year of high school I seriously wanted to join the coast guard. I told everyone my plan to, nobody believed that I would do it, and a little part of myself didn't think I could physically.

I was a swimmer a good amount of years of my life, and played water polo in high school. I had big dreams of being a rescue swimmer. I thought I would be able to do it, but it would take me a long time to get in enough shape to do it.

Lately I've been thinking, and I just can't seem to get the though of joining the coast guard out of my head. I mentioned doing it to Alex, but doing after he got out of the Army (didn't really talk about it cause he had to go, just mentioned). Tonight I looked up just how much farther I have to go to even be able to pass the physical test.

I can do the exact amount of push ups. maybe more (ps man push ups haha I was never able to do even one of those a couple months ago!)
Over the amount of sit ups

Before even looking, I knew I had a lot faster I had to be on the run.
...or so I thought.
the requirement is 1.5 miles in 15.26 min
today I ran 1.5 miles in an even 15.00 min
2 miles in 20
Are you serious!!? I thought I had a lot farther to go!

So really if I wanted to join I just have to keep up my weight loss
I'm not saying I am,
It's just pretty cool to think that I could pass the physical test.

I'm not even kidding when I say this is the most fit I have ever been. I feel so amazing, and have become addicted to the working out. I can't wait to become even stronger!

O.K This is an edit.
I guess last night I was looking at the wrong page.
Today I was looking at this
Um helloo! I can do +5 more push ups, more sit ups.
Everyday in the pool i go to the deep end, with my arms above my head and tread for about 20 min. I used to play water polo where in our 2 hours of practice we couldn't touch the pool bottom. And I swim like a thousand laps a day. Umm like seriously considering the reserve


Ashley N. said...

AWESOME! You go girl!

A Creed and A Psalm said...

yay!!!! I agree that regardless of whether or not you decide to actually join, it's a real testament to how hard you've worked and I'm sure super gratifying to know that you pass their test!! Thanks for stopping by the blog :) I'm following now!!

Fran said...

That is awesome! You go girl! :)