I'm currently busy packing for our extra long vacation :) We leave super soon, like realllly soon. I am so excited to finally have some time with just me and my man, not a lot of time but still. It's the one time since before we were married that I don't have to share him with the army or our family. The ONE time! I am so stoked to finally have some complete "us" time.

Wow totally wasn't meaning to do that, but that worked out well with what my post is about.
In case you missed it, here is the video from the day that Alex got back that our amazing cousin Chelsea took for us. Chelsea is also my best friend. Seriously the funniest girl to hang out with. We spent a good most of this year together even though she lives in Utah and I live in Arizona. And when we're not around each other we really don't go a day without texting each other. I love this girl so much!

She also has a totally awesome blog. Go follow her!! You won't be sorry. Also not only has she made our video but she also made these ones. She is so talented!

Side note to this post, this past 2 days we have done 2 photo shoots, a family one with Alex's family and an us one. I am so loving how they turned out! I can't wait to put them up when we, no, I come back from vacation :( There's a little preview on my new header of a couple of the family shoot we did. But anyway, that's about it. I gotta go pack the jeep up before we head out in a few hours.

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Everyone have a great Independence Day!!


kirstieJayy said...

im loving the new header ! :)
i hope you have a wonderful time!!

happy 4th of July xx

Sasha :) said...

Love the new header!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

Nancy Face said...

I loved your video so much...it made me happy! :)

Sacha....xoxo said...

I love your header. It so cute. I’m your new follower, Hope you will follow me back when you has a chance to do.

You got lovely blog, a gorgeous husband and you got a beautiful smile…

Well done with your diet track, you done it brilliant.

Much Loves, Sacha from England x