And I love my husband being home. Life is so perfect right now, I wanna freeze it haha. It's my babe's birthday today, so gonna be another good day!

Untitled from chelsea tolman on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to my amazing cousin Chelsea who came here from Utah so she could be here and make this! It is so much more amazing than I was expecting! I love it!


Anonymous said...

That video was ADORABLE. The part with the dogs was sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing that, totally made me smile:)

Sasha :) said...

Your video is so adorable!!! You, guys, are so cute!! Very happy for you!! Enjoy!!

Fran said...

Aw, that video is so adorable! Thank you for sharing :)

Colee girl said...

I LOVE THIS VIDEO :) Chelsea you did a fantastic job :)