By the end of the week

We should know where our next duty station is! And its about time too! We're 4 months away from PCSing and we still don't know yet. But Alex's branch manager emailed him yesterday with our 3 choices.

It's now between Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hood, & Ft. Bliss. None of these were on my personal list but I would love love to be back in the east coast and so would Alex. So our first choice is Ft. Bragg, then Ft. Hood, which I would still be happy with. But I would be fairly unhappy with Ft. Bliss.

So by the end of the week we should finally know! I'm way excited to start doing some recon :)
*Crossing my fingers we get Bragg* :)


Anonymous said...

Let me know if you get Hood. We can meet up when you get here:)

Sasha :) said...

Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

They are all better then Korea right? atleast as far as being together!!

~Kristen~ said...

Fingers crossed for you! North Carolina would be great for traveling!

Dana said...

My husband and I were at Bragg. Let me tell you. You'd absolutly love it! I know I did while I was there. They recently went through a tornado that ripped up the Yadkin side of post from what I heard, but they're getting things put back together as we speak. If you have ANY questions about Bragg, dont hesistate to let me know. I can recomend a lot of good places to eat too :)
Bliss... Yeah about that one. That's where we are CURRENTLY statinoed and we H.A.T.E. it!!! It rains mud, everything stays dirty all of the time because of all the sand. And I miss green! I really hope that you get Bragg. Shoot. Hood is STILL better than Bliss, but I'll be praying you get Bragg!!! Good luck!