Weigh in Wednesday. Week 2

I wasn't expecting anything great this week. I've watched enough of The Biggest Loser to know that week 2 is never good. Also the fact it's that time of the month and I feel way bloated. But I still lost so that's good I guess.

Week 2: -3 lbs
Total: -13 lbs

I guess I can't complain much with 13 lbs in 2 weeks. I just hope next week is better. I've been doing this diet for 2 weeks now, and haven't had anything sweet or unhealthy in 2 weeks. Not even a diet soda. I also haven't ate out once in 2 weeks which is like nothing for some people but I usually just eat for me, so I don't like cooking for one. So before this I would usually just grab something somewhere. But I've cooked all my meals for the last 2 weeks, and in that time I realized something, I'm a pretty dang good cook if I say so myself.

Anywhays hope everyone has a happy hump day!
P.S. Alex comes home so soon! Wish it were sooner haha but I'm sure the time will fly :)


Sasha :) said...

Good job, that's a really good result for 2 weeks :) way to go!

Mama Nut said...

Fun blog! Glad you joined my challenge!

When my hubby was gone for 9 months training, I missed him, but I was losing weight! So I wanted him home, but at the same time I wanted the time to get as much weight off as I could before he came home! It kept me from missing him so much.

Christine Jain said...

Ooo good job, girl! You're awesome. It feels so good, doesn't it?