The Secret

No, not the book that was on Oprah. Although that's good too. Anyways.

I've never been a good runner. Actually anytime I run I usually get shin splints and crazy sore calves by either the first or second day of running. I always stretch, but it never was enough, and I still always got them. It is so frustrating cause I've always wanted to run.

Butttt. I have been running just about every day for the past few weeks. (side note I'm doing Cat's 120 mile challenge) And know what, no shin splints! That's right I have discovered the secret to my shin splints and sore legs! Which also happens to be my new love.

Yoga. Bob Haper Yoga to be specific. I love yoga!! I do it 3 times a week. And Anytime I do feel shin splints coming on I do yoga, and the next time I feel awesome and am back on the treadmill!
Lately I've had these little milestones(big for me) as far as fitness goes. One When I run I go over 2 miles and stay at an even 11 min mile pace. I notice my endurance getting so much better which is awesome. I know it's nothing amazing but for me its pretty good haha. Also something weak but I'm so excited about! I can do 10 man push ups!! Haha I used to do like half of one, as in I slowly lowered down, and couldn't get back up haha. Now I can do 10 pretty fast in a row!

Does anyone else have or had problems with shin splints? How are your fitness goals going?

Also if anyone wants to be a guest blogger while Alex is here let me know!
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Sam said...

Hi! So I've been following your blog for a little while but was in hiding (sorry!). But as soon as I saw this post I had to comment. I'm an athletic trainer, and also have suffered from shin splints. I would recommend getting a good pair of orthotics. You can get store bought ones or custom ones depending on the severity. Superfeet are great I recommend them to everyone, I actually bought my bf some for his combat boots and he loves them!

The (Almost) Volheims said...

I ALWAYS get shin splints too! I'm definitely going to be looking into this yoga cause I'm willing to try ANYthing!